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notizen zu ‚amateure im netz‘ buchvorstellung/podiumsdiskussion

@stormgrass hat mir im vorfeld den auftrag erteilt,
die definition von ‚amateure im netz‚,
die bei der veranstaltung im depot-café bemüht würde,
mit zu kartographieren.

… und dann zu twittern …

Well. Had me laptop on my knees and happend to hammer down notices all throughout the presentation and following discussion. Can’t make that into 140 characters.
I was pissed of. Only the last 15 minutes made any sense and had me calmed down.

funny thing, this may have been the first such event, where I didn’t join the discussion. Can’t keep me mouth shut; normally.
This time, no chance. No idea, where to start, if I had taken the mike. To much on my list of notes …

… but that’s exactly why I now publish my whole remarks here.

So, without further ado, here’s what I typed down into ‚amateure im netz.txt‘. Not edited, not nice. Maybe I’ll get back to it and will write a little bit more about this evening, the evenings discussion and the dynamic of this talk.

— amateure im netz.txt —